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Can you still trust your fund manager ?

October has not been a good month for fund managers (the people who make the investment decisions that dictate how well your savings and investments perform). There have been two very high profile resignations – one as a result of a Sunday Times investigation, the other from a Panorama exposé. Unsurprisingly, clients have been asking us questions, so we decided to write this short article outlining what has happened and, more importantly, dealing with any worries clients may have. The Downfall of Neil Woodford There cannot be anyone in the financial services industry who has not heard of Neil Woodford. Read More

The impact of Climate Change fears on ethical investing

As pressure mounts on governments and financial institutions to do more to combat climate change, the demand for ethical investment opportunities is on the rise. Triodos Bank’s annual impact investing survey has found that nearly half (45%) of investors say that they would be keen to move their money to an ethical fund as a result of news surrounding the environment. When asked, investors state that they would put an average of £3,744 into an impact investment fund, marking an increase of £1,000 when compared with 2018. 53% of respondents believe that responsible investment is one of the best ways Read More