What to know about ISA’s in 2019/20

The rules around ISAs (or individual savings accounts) change relatively often and different types of ISA rise and fall in popularity depending on where savers consider the most competitive place to put their hard earned money. ISAs are a great way to save because of their tax efficiency. You don’t pay income tax or capital gains tax on the returns and you can withdraw the amount any time as a tax free lump sum. Because of their tax efficiency, there are set limits on how much you can save using ISA accounts. The 2019-20 tax year is an interesting year Read More

Do good and make more with your ISA through Ethical investment

Charitable donations aren’t the only way we can use our finances to change the world – how we spend our money has an impact on the world around us. When we spend money, certain businesses or individuals have greater funds at their disposal. The same goes when we invest it. You might think that ethical investing would mean sacrificing returns. Think again… The FTSE4Good Index, which includes only socially responsible businesses, is incredibly profitable. In fact, if you invested £1,000 in the FTSE4Good at the start of 2014, you’d have made £1,133 as of the start of 2019. This compares Read More